Established in 2014, we have gone from strength to strength in the years since. Daymon Britton brings to the company a wealth of experience gained over more than two decades working in the industry.

Who we are

Our process

We have been producing many aspects of media for our clients, in broadcasting and high profile corporate sectors, which has taken us to many parts of the world. This has served to enhance our knowledge of international media differences.


Here, the client gets to answer three basic questions: what type of video production is required? What is the target audience? Which ultimate goal will the video serve?

First Ideas

The first ideas are being developed by the team. Starting from these ideas, DB MEDIA draws up an initial quotation, a concise production schedule (if possible) and an action plan.


In close dialogue with the client, one contact person within the company is charged with following up on the entire production process and with maintaining the contact between DB MEDIA and the client. This continuous dialogue between DB MEDIA and the client is essential for a smooth process throughout the production. On delivery of a clearer concept to the client, and once the updated quote is agreed an initial 50% of the overall cost will be invoiced for to confirm the project before we go to script.


DB MEDIA now sets upon the writing of a detailed script.


When the script is approved, the final remarks and finishing touches are applied to the piece.

Storyboard (if required)

Starting from this script, DB MEDIA draws up a storyboard and a realistic shooting schedule.


The shoot will be crewed by camera professionals with experience in broadcast, commercial and documentary and always under the supervision of a producer/director.


DB MEDIA can really distinguish itself in the editing phase. By using a well-balanced mix between video and graphic elements, we can lift the customer’s image to a higher level.


Having seen the edited result, the customer can provide some final remarks or requests over two rounds of deliverables, which will be processed in the final editing phase before delivery.


The finalised product can be delivered and copied on to any common format.