This collaboration was the start of a relationship between DB Media and ITV that is still flourishing. These short information videos were created in house by DB Media and pitched to ITV as part of their recruitment drive in 2016/17.

The series of short films were shot on locations throughout the country. DB Media took care of all pre-production leading up to the shoot days, which were within media sensitive locations such as the Coronation Street set in Manchester, and ITV HQ on London’s Southbank.

A Canon C300 MKII format with CNE 4K Prime Lenses kit were used by a professional director of photography. The location crew consisted of Director, DOP (Director of Photography), and Camera Assistant. An ITV representative was on set at all times, and our Director liaised with them throughout the entire process, making sure that the team were clear as to what the ambition was for the project.

Editing ran over several weeks due to the many individual’s within ITV involved. DB Media kept the post production structured tight and moved the project smoothly to delivery.