True Potential Investor

This debut commercial for DB Media was shot over two days in 2018 and between 4 separate locations for long-term client and regular collaborator True Potential.

The production consisted of a 12-person crew who all brought their expertise to the project. The cast were selected after a 3 day casting process, and models were chosen from Newcastle and London.

The D.O.P. and team utilised the Arri Amira camera, with Cooke S4 lenses to perfection, using mostly natural light and capitalising on features within the carefully selected locations. A drone was used to capture the final shot of the commercial.

Post production and compliance took 4 weeks, and the commercial can be see running via Sky AdSmart.

DB Media are proud to say they ran of all compliance, pre production, production, and post production in house, and have celebrated great success for the campaign.