2016/2017 European Award Project

True Potential

This project was shot at the end of 2016.  A Canon C300 MK II format with CNE 4K Prime Lenses kit was used by a profession director of photography. Full camera crew with digital work flow assistant and grip were in support throughout the shoot to allow for a seamless and speedy workflow. The production was shot over 3 days in various locations within the North East of England and was delivered via a post production process of 7 days.

All on screen talent outside of the clients office was sourced from a professional agency, and were directed on the day by a DB Media director.

The script was a collaboration between the client and a DB Media Producer/Director, and went through a structured pre-production schedule. The schedule and project was managed by a personal production manager

All of the locations in vision had to be fully cleared due to the scale of production and level of crew attending the shoot. This is all taken care of by the DB Media team.